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My Hero Academia by Kohei Horikoshi is a manga set in the modern-day with a number of people throughout the fictional world exhibiting spectacular powers known as ‘quirks’. He’s physical appearance is kinda different to the usual Shinigami lots of people likes him and even cosplay Kurotsuchi Mayuri. Katie added: ‘It feels like I’m walking […]

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Chances are, if you’re going for a popular cosplay, then you’ll see the same costume on different websites. So if you want to cosplay a well-known character, then you’ll have the opportunity to compare prices, materials and accessories. Like his son, Azazel has the ability to teleport through the Brimstone Dimension, though his ability is […]

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“I have a couple of friends that have done it but most of the people that I follow on Instagram are American,” she says. “I think it’s quite important that there’s representation and it’s nice to see something that’s Afrocentric as well,” she says. Seeing “Black Panther” cosplay pick up lately is “validation” for those […]

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The assortment of top quality costumes is amazing! They have everything from inexpensive costumes that you just want to use for a night or theatrical grade costumes that can last year after year! You can choose to lie to a character, you can help them, you can gain their trust, you can double cross folks,’ […]

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The one we’ll leave you with below the break is fairly straightforward, the first look at the entire exoskeleton in bare metal. If you were at San Diego Comic-Con, by yourself, and went up to your hotel room after the first day, and this version of the Slave Princess Jasmine was standing in your room, […]

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3. Which Lens is Right For You? Danish energy group Orsted has won a dispute with descendants of scientist Hans Christian Orsted over the legal right to use his name, captain marvel suit the Supreme Court ruled on Monday. OR a cyborg with some glowing UV ones? Why not become a horrifying witch with some […]

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Additionally, keep in mind that creating your costumes will require more than a bit of technical knowledge, whether we’re talking about patching clothes together, knitting from scratch, or finding out how to bend plastic so as to recreate armor. Keep in mind that the supplies featured below are not going to help you replicate the […]

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This Princess Leia Headwear Bun is probably the cutest thing ever! Check out Rubie’s Costume Company Halloween Star Wars Princess Leia Buns Dog Costume here. Your dog will be the talk of the party with this adorable Halloween headpiece. Your pup will channel this friendly neighborhood superhero with this cool Halloween vision halloween costume fit! […]

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The outfit is stylized with more of Black Adam’s primary color, spiderman black suit with Harley’s additional signature color being used as an accent – blending the best of both their worlds. An ensemble cosplay (photo of unknown group at Comic Con) is one of the best kind of cosplays. But you can always wear […]

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It’s always exciting when a convention invites you to visit, especially if it is your first time. I have been doing this for many years so I think I can talk out of experience and give tips and advice to cosplayers as well as convention organizers. Walt Disney recently opened its Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser […]