You can’t pull off an accurate Cruella DeVille or Strawberry Shortcake without the proper wig. You can’t exactly put those in the washer – and definitely not in the dryer – but luckily, eHow has the answers. When it’s time to rinse, hold the wig under the tap and rotate it under the running (and still cool) water. With all the time you save, you can concentrate on crafting some DIY Halloween decorations for October 31, having Halloween-themed adventures-or even just figuring out the Halloween costumes for kids. You don’t want to make this discovery two days before Halloween, when you pull out your Batsuit for another round of parties. Make sure all the soap is washed out before you remove the outfit. Then turn it right-side out and hang it to dry. Then hang up your costume to air dry. 4. Wash a fur costume with cold water and shampoo, and then let it air dry. Pet brushes can also help work out the matted clumps of faux fur. Trace and cut out three diamonds from your extra black fabric and three from your extra red fabric. Sew the three black diamonds in a partial-diamond pattern on the upper portion of your red leg.

Sporting a soft, shiny veneer, these costume-friendly Harley Quinn gauntlets feature Harley’s red and black color scheme with the always dependable diamond clusters. The colors in this new Harley Quinn costume are more update, with ruffled skirt and arm and leg warmers will make you the best looking bad girl in town. Before you even have a chance to immerse yourself in the (much-anticipated) world of one (emancipated) Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey, you will be dazzled into another – one full of stylish clothing, kaleidoscopic colors, and more jewelry and shine than all of the DC Universe films combined. Her outfit from the Suicide Squad hits many similar notes of the classic costume, but modifies them to emphasize more of Harley Quinn’s femininity. It’ll help prevent wrinkles, and give your costume one more level of defense from the elements. Keeping your costume in a garment bag will give it an added layer of protection in your closet, as long as you make sure not to bundle up too many costumes into one bag. 4. Store your costume in a garment bag, or in a box with tissue paper separating each item. Be sure to separate each item of clothing with some carefully wrapped tissue paper.

Whether you have a set of orange paper lanterns hanging from your ceiling or a collection of mini haunted houses on your mantel, use a clean hand towel on each of them to rid your ornaments of soot, dust, and grime. With the increasing popularity of children participating in ‘trick or treating’ activities, it is safest for children to remain in groups and only approach houses in daylight,’ Chief Superintendent Brad Shepherd said in a media release on Monday. Work a little shampoo into the weave with cool water and then soak it, rather than scrubbing. If it looks a little matted after its shampoo scrub, aim your hairdryer on the damp suit. Damp costumes are bound to breed mold and other unsavory stuff. 5. Clean your mask with a damp soapy washcloth, and sprinkle cornstarch on the mask’s interior to prevent the mask from sticking to itself. Now wipe the entire mask again with that cloth to rid the surface of lingering suds.

Dampen it with warm water and then add two drops of hand soap to the cloth. Run the cloth over the front and back of the mask, paying special attention to eye and mouth openings. Once that’s done, sprinkle some cornstarch over the mask’s interior so it doesn’t stick to itself. If your costume is dry-clean-only, that’s a no brainer: Drop it off at the cleaners and be sure to point out any specific problem areas to the staff before you go. And no, we don’t mean a funny Halloween costume (though that’s cool too). She has worn cool add-ons which includes this gloves. You’ll use shampoo and cool water again to work out any dried candy stains. Except rather than shaking your wet bear suit all over the living room, roll it up in a towel (or two) to squeeze out as much excess water as possible. With the Day of the Dead happening at the same time just over the border, the aesthetics mesh easily with Halloween to take the first choice placing in Arizona and New Mexico, where sugar skulls are the big winners. When it’s time to take the lights down, carefully wrap them around a piece of cardboard, an old hanger, or even a Pringles can.